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Composting Turner For Sale




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Composting Turner For Sale


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2017-11-23 10:14:42
$ 800.00
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$ 200.00
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AZEUS Machinery Co., Ltd. [ Bronze ]
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Composting Turner For Sale

Product Introduction

As we all know, compost turner can be used to turn and mix the compost and accelerate the composting speed.

 across the livestock manure above, turning, stirring, crushing the raw material, and mix the livestock manure fully with auxiliary material and bacterial. Turning machine also has crushing function, it even can break the big block of animal manure and dry auxiliary material into small ones under the action of large open performance. After the stacker is turned over, a new pile is formed, and the new pile is loose and loose, creating a favorable aerobatic state for the fermentation of the material, which is very beneficial to the production and

Various Species of Compost Turner


2. Groove Type Compost Turner


4. Auger type compost turner

Advantages of compost turner

1.The most professional manufacturer of organic fertilizer production equipment, normally certified company, general taxpayer qualification certificate.

2. The machine adopts no steering wheel, which eliminates the compost turner of steering wheel type, realizes 180° in-situ turn of the machine, saves labor, diesel oil and the space for turn, and improves work efficiency.

3. Front of the equipment is equipped with feeding push plate, uneven width of strip-type material stack can be finished by the plate, which saves manual adjustment of stack and improves working speed.

4. Auger shaft of compost turner realizes hydraulic lifting and lowering.

5. Compost turning clutch of compost turner adopts soft drive. The equipment is equipped with hydraulic device, which can keep the compost turner smooth during working and prevent the phenomenon of incomplete compost turning.


Company Information

Company: AZEUS Fertilizer Machinery Co.,Ltd.   

Website:  www. fertilizer-machines.com

AZEUS Fertilizer Machinery, a original& professional manufacturer in China, specializes in the production and export of organic fertilizer production equipment. We provide a wide range of organic fertilizer machines, such as Compost Turner, Organic Fertilizer Production Line, Organic Fertilizer Granulator, etc.

Our company is a new enterprise dealing in development, production and distribution, focusing on product development, production management and after-services. We are glad to cooperate with customers from around the world, and establish our friendly and cooperative relations. 

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